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    Fast Growing Businesses

    With great delight, we want to inform you that our brand has expanded. Now we are adding 10+ Super Brand, on top of the foundation of 10+ Visual Branding, for a super brand to grow and blossom. We help fast growing businesses to run down the field and score, after helping them establishing what their brands stand for. To walk the talk is what 10+ Super Brand all about.  We are moving global, with our expanded capacity and services.

    Silver, Gold, Platinum

    In addition to our traditional Silver package for massive brand upgrading or rebranding, we now have added Gold and Platinum because so many of our clients want us to continue to be their outsourced branding resource to IMPLEMENT brand strategies, regularly create brand narratives, constantly push their brands persona to the forefront of digital & social media marketing, keep a brand’s scent fresh and consistent with its DNA, in print and on the internet.

    Retain, Repeat, Refer

    In our Platinum and Gold packages, we help implement “three Rs”: Retain, Repeat, and Refer,  In permeating a brand’s “corporate memory” as your customer relationship grows and expands with consistency, online,offline, in print, with video, audio and throughout customer experience.

    Pre-sale, at-sale, post-sale

    We continue the momentum of a brand’s impact that we created earlier, with your unique narratives and powerful imagery that reduces the number of impressions to get to yes. We create WOW factors, pre-sale, at-sale, and post-sale. We create super-brands, and the super profits that follow. We are seeking fast growing businesses, funded startups, entrepreneurs,  professionals, and established small businesses who are seeking hyper growth, knowing that massive brand upgrade is needed next. Invest your tax dollars in your own brands, as part of your company’s tax saving strategies.

    Super Brand, Super Profits